About Us

Radio 1860


Established by myself Anthony Marvin in July 2023 and aired for the first time in August 2023.

I started the station because since I presented my first radio show back in 2018 on Cross Counties Radio

I caught the bug for presenting and entertaining, which led me into mobile DJing which I have continued to

do for the past few years. 

My time on CCR was only short but it sparked someting in me that i just couldnt shake and wanted to act on. 

Over the covid 19 pandemic I delivered some online sessions through social media which despite the fact they

kept being blocked the listeners seemed to enjoy. 

In 2021 following a 68 day fight with covid I ended up with long covid which is a chronic illness that has changed 

my life no end and has left me unable to deliver mobile DJ gigs like i use to so i had to find another way to share

my love for music and entertaining. 

Setting up an internet based community radio station seemed the ideal option for me as I had the equipment, the 

knowledge and the time. 

I also thought i could combine this venture with my day to day role as a youth and communites officer in Mountsorrel

by getting the young people and members of the community involved in producing and hosting shows which not only 

would be great fun but would also teach new skills and hopefully help those who need it find a new career path. 

So, I got all my equipment set up in my bedroom, registered with a broadcast service provider, got my licences and then

I had to think of a name. I played with a few but as I work in Mountsorrel, love the village and have a passion for history

I thoght 1860, the huge historic bridge that goes over the river Soar and is a landmark for the area. 

Radio 1860 was the obvious name when all the contibuting factors behind the idea are combined, so thats what I went

with and as soon after I designed a logo, sorted the website and started the hunt for presenters. 

I spoke with many and now I have an schedule of presented shows that go out on a daily basis and meet the tastes of 

all listeners. Radio 1860 being a community station needs to entertaining and informative for the whole community so 

we have shows from pop to country, ska to dance, rock to blues and even a magazine show and a faith based show

that both go out on a Sunday morning. 

All the shows are proving to be very popular with our listening audience with figures growing week by week. 

In 2024 we will be introducing shows and segments presented by young people and members of the community with 

sports segments, entertainment and local news which we are really looking forward to. 


Anthony Marvin


A Leicester lad born and bred, New Parks born with a stint in Beaumont leys. 

Father of 3 amazing children who all make me very proud, Partner to 1 brilliant lady.

Im an educator, award winning youth and community worker, a DJ and presenter.

I love my family and my dogs who are my world. Everything I do, I do for them. 

I love all music from Mike Oldfield to Paul Simon, Queen to Westlife and Bob Marley to So Solid Crew

but I am an Emo through and through and would have to say Panic @ The Disco and Fall Out Boy are favourate bands.